Долли Обломская
Всему свое зелье. (Daria;)
ссылки на почитать - все из тв-тропов:

общие места (тропы) в "ПДж"
общие места в "Героях Олимпа"
люди задаются вопросами (большинство, к сожалению, банальные, типа инцеста у богов и тп.)

Не знала:
Frank Zhang's grandmother calls him "Fai", also spelled as "Fei" (Riordan seems to be using the Taiwanese spelling rather than the mainland Chinese spelling), making his Chinese name "Zhang Fei". In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a book that every Chinese person knows, Zhang Fei was known for two things: being not particularly good looking, and being a superb warrior, capable of scaring off entire armies by himself.